Created: 2019-06-30

New Development Machine

I just took delivery of my new Razer Blade Pro to take with me on my travels.

Here's how I set it up

I'm not a huge fan of Windows. It does the job, it's where I started however Linux automation has been around for decades. Microsoft are slowly catching up However, I still play computer games from time-to-time and Windows is where it's at for that.

Fortunately, initiatives such as the Ubuntu Subsystem for Windows, Windows Terminal, PowerShell and containerization such as Docker is making it easier.

I tend to use Docker to develop Ruby applications and stick to Windows for Node, React & F# development.


So I can grab my password file to setup the other services and sync all the things with my new machine.

Auto-install apps with Chocolatey

Chocolatey is a much needed project for Windows and while it's still maturing, it's got a lot of legacy and custom installs to deal with. It's what I use to install the majority of apps.

cinst audacity audacity-lame azure-cli brave calibre ctags docker-desktop `
dropbox foobar2000 fraps fzf gimp git InkScape keepass neovim nodejs `
plexmediaplayer plexmediaserver python python2 ripgrep ruby steam `
treesizefree vlc wps-office-free

Manually installed apps

With Steam it's fairly easy to copy the game library over with just a bit of faff to re-verify some of the games.

Development Setup

Run Neovim then :PlugInstall, restart it and due to my sync folder containing Neovim config (location set in Env Vars XDG_CONFIG) it'll install all the plugins and have nvim customizations set.