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F# Language server and Neovim 0.5

Created: 2021-02-26

I've been using Neovim 0.5 (nightly) for several months now and I think I've finally found a setup I'm happy with. read more»


I'm back! Recap of 2020 & next steps

Created: 2021-02-15

It's a been a while. I've been busy building my engine/game, throwing it out and starting again, again! read more»

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Text rendering with OpenGL and F#

Created: 2020-01-16

Unlike WebGL, rendering text in OpenGL is a bit more complicated. Here's how I went about it with F#. read more»

game f# opengl

Cube rendering library in F#

Created: 2019-11-20

I finally reimplemented my basic cube rendering library in F# and OpenGL from JavaScript and WebGL. read more»

f# testing

Automated Testing In F# With Expecto

Created: 2019-11-12 Updated: 2020-02-18

Test or Behaviour Driven Development has been a staple in my workflow for years. Now that I've got some familiarity with F# it's time to get serious. read more»

game f# opengl

OpenGL Library Choice

Created: 2019-11-08

WebGL interfaces directly with JavaScript, OpenGL is natively C. So we need some bindings in F# or C# to allow us to interface with OpenGL. To add further complications we also need to handle Window initialization which can get pretty tricky when dealing with multiple platforms. read more»

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Project Reboot - Going all in on F#

Created: 2019-11-06 Updated: 2021-02-15

Whoah! Over a year since I posted updates! Selling our house and all our stuff and moving into a van is time consuming! In that time I've had a chance to re-evaluate some of the choices I made when starting this project. read more»

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Automatic Let's Encrypt TLS Certificates

Created: 2019-11-01 Updated: 2020-11-12

Here's how I renew the TLS Certificates on my 3 websites every 3 months with one command. read more»

web aws cert s3

Create a Static Website on AWS

Created: 2019-10-28 Updated: 2020-04-29

Some notes on quickly setting up a static website with a custom apex & www domain over HTTPS/TLS using Amazon S3, Route 53, CloudFront and Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority. read more»


New Development Machine

Created: 2019-06-30

I just took delivery of my new Razer Blade Pro to take with me on my travels. read more»

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Code Style and Functional Programming

Created: 2018-07-08

In this article I discuss my choice of coding style and also touch on functional programming. It's something I've been studying for a while and I'm slowly trying to introduce into my work. Both these things will affect the style of code I post on this blog. read more»

game js physics

More JavaScript Physics

Created: 2018-05-06

Physics will play an important role in this game and the performance of the physics engine is a crucial factor. I've spent a bit more time tweaking the comparison and trying out ideas. read more»

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JavaScript Physics Engines

Created: 2018-04-15

Under promise and over deliver! Last week I said I'd be releasing a demo of 3 physics engines I've been comparing. Well guess what?! I've got 4 to show you! read more»

game js webgl

Language and framework choice

Created: 2018-04-08

I've considered a number of different languages to write a game in. From C to Elm. Certainly C is the most widely used. Elm probably being the least widely used. Ruby is what I use most these days. So why did I choose JavaScript? Let's take a brief look at languages I considered and why I ruled them out. read more»

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I am a game designer

Created: 2018-04-02 Updated: 2021-02-14

I've been a professional software developer for 20 years. I've written a lot of website applications and I absolutely love what I do. I've used lots of different languages. My real passion, however, is writing computer games. read more»